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"S U P E R   C U T E   G A Y   C A F E"
I N    T H E    H E A R T   O F   K A L L I O

Bear Park Cafe started in 2002 as a small summer kiosk . The kiosk opened in spring 2003. After this moment the beautiful Bear Park is noticed as an icon of Helsinki Gay life! The gay kiosk has served 13 years - in rain or shine. The kiosk building itself is almost 70 years old. In 2006 Bear Park Cafe was chosen as the best "lippakioski" in Helsinki (CITY mag).

Bear Park Cafe organizes many events during a year - theatre, arts, music and movies. Just keeping locals happy!

Drag Bear Race ® is the most popular competition in the park and it has been held from the year 2010. Every DBR Sunday the park is packed with the viewers encouraging the bear guys on the heels!

In the Autumn of 2009 Bear Park Cafe opened another cafe in the corner of Agricolankatu and Kaarlenkatu. Kulmakahvio has become the meeting spot for all kinds of people - for young and old, for gays and what ever we are. 

In January 2015 Bear Park Cafe was chosen as the best gay bar in Finland (QX). Bear Park Cafe is a real gay cafe for all!

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